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The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus was re-incorporated to honor the lives and achievements of the many people (famous, infamous and little known) who built the country we enjoy today and to care for the "Widders and Orphans". In Murphy's, Alta California, stands a Museum honoring these early pioneers, The Old Timers Museum. It contains artifacts from the Gold Rush, Early California and, on the exterior, the Wall Of Comparative Ovations which honors Clampers of Old.

To aid in the support of The Old Timers Museum and to remember and honor those who came before, Joaquin Murrieta Chapter 13, in 1979, began publishing a commemorative vest pin (more Tin) and a brief history of an early pioneer or Clamper of Old..

The Noble Grand Humbug and the Greybeards of Joaquin Murrieta, Chapter 13, E Clampus Vitus, announce this pin, one in a series that is offered each year, at Grand Council. The profits from these pins are donated to The Old Timers Museum in Murphy's, Alta California.

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