Joaquin Murrieta Ch 13 E Clampus Vitus
Annual Spring Doins
Rowell Ranch April 6, 6024

NGH Kevin “Kevlar” Larsen and the Greybeards of ECV 13 are sounding the Hewgag for our annual Spring Doin’s. Gird thy loins for a really great as we round house kick open the portals to Rowell Ranch, Saturday, April 6th at 8:13 a. m. PBCs must be checked in by 9:13 a. m. clean, sober no pre-initiation, no girly attire and compliant with GC guidelines or the notorious band of whit coats, led by Hangman Phil “Flipper” Hampton, will send down the road empty handed. All PBCs must be able to stand in a semicircle and carry a tune, while harmonizing with the Slippery Gulch Band, hence the need for sobriety. Every surviving PBC will recieve a special Joaquin belt buckle along with his sheepskin.

Highlights of the Day will include Luche Libra and the highly anticipated unofficial motorcycle contest.

Get your motor going in the morning with one of Fondue Fork’s famous High Octane eye openers. Additionally, there will b e plenty of Joaquin’s almost unlimited personal favorite suds flowing all day long. PHD Robert “CRS” Ferrier with his cylindrical treats of several flavors will sate your hungry palate.

Head on down to hawker row and see all the new and unusual wares that our Hawker Andy “Man Hole” Marttila and others have to offer. All official chapter Hawkers are welcomed, just check in with ” Man Hole” for a hood spot. The Special and unique Joaquin belt buckles designed for PBC’s may be available for redshirts. Chapter Hawkers get prepay price , Ass-Hawkers get Day-of price unless prepaid.

ECV ID card required, have it ready at check in.
No card, No entry. No Excuses

ClampChef Elias “Flash” Pico and Master Chef Larry “Pops” Read will be serving some of the finest road kill steer and pig we have been able to scrape up , along with whistle berries, bread and some sort of rabbit chow right after HOCO or whenever they’re good and ready. Don’t rush the cooks, just follow your noses! Good things take time.

A raffle of goodies gathered from around the globe will be unveiled early  by Phil “Upchuck” Good. Prepare to be astounded! This Epic Raffle drawing will be held, numbers posted and prizes awarded sometime after HOCO and chow. Quantity discounts for raffle tickets may apply so  buy early and but often!

There may be a special trophy contest for 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles. Show what you drive by driving what you show.

To all brothers: Leave hate at the gate and make Clamping great again for everyone. If you are wearing any symbols of hate (ie cracker bolts, swastikas, etc.) we ask that you remove them before entry. Only two flags are recognized at our Doin’s: “Old Glory” and the California Republic. If you want to fly a different flag, join a different group. God bless America!

The Rub:  (Rub Form) 
Redshirts: $40 prepay, $50 Day o’ the Doins
PBCs $80 anytime, rub includes Belt Buckle
Retreads $90

Current Humbugs FREE with ID and proof of office
Prepay cutoff date: March 30, no exceptions!

Special serious note to Retreads:
If you are in any way disrespectful or unruly, you will be pulled out and sent packing.
No ifs, ands or butts. And no refunds.

Send your Gold dust To:
ECV 13 c/o Tom “Moose” McGrath
959 Golf Course Dr #198
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Doins Site:
Rowell Ranch
9725 Dublin Canyon Rd.

Castro Valley, Alta California

  NGH Kevlar (510) 512-8221
GDR Moose (925) 708-8497

The usual No-Nos apply:
No pre-initiated PBCs. No unauthorized hot dogs, live animals, peanut butter, bad attitudes,
knives, weapons, explosives, cameras, go-carts or scooters, camcorders, cell phone cameras, bull horns, womens attire, women, illicit, illegal or controlled substances. Most recent Grand Council guidelines will be strictly enforced. Violators will be hung. Survivors will be ejected.

If you’re gonna partake of Slippery Gulch have a Brother of Sobriety take the reins and get you home safely.
The greybar hotel ain’t no fun.

*** ECV Traveling card and ID required ***

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