Carl Irving Wheat
1892 – 1966

Carl Wheat, attorney and historian, served as the first NGH of Yerba Buena in 1932, and also as the first NGH of Platrix Chapter in 1933. Later he became the Sublime Noble Grand Humbug. In 1931, with the help of his friends and associates, Leon Whitsell and George Ezra Dane, he firmly reestablished this mock-fraternal organization dedicated to fun and the promotion of interest in Western History. E Clampus Vitis has played as active role in keeping our California and Nevada heritage alive ever since.

Dr. Richard Coke Wood
1905 – 1979

Dr. R. Coke Wood Emeritus Professor and Author was the first Humbug of Tuleberg Chapter ECV, one of the founders of The Clamper and owner of the Old Timers Museum in Murphys. An Oklahoman by birth Dr. wood in 1952 helped organize the Calaveras County Historical Society; in 1953 he helped organize the Conference of California Historical Societies; in 1958 he helped organize the Stockton Corral of Westerners International. In 1969 by Joint Resolution of the California Legislature he was designated Mr. California, also that year Dr. & Mrs. Wood granted permission for the creation of the ECV Wall of Comparative Ovations on the side of the Museum. As a Californian by choice, Dr. Wood made many significant contributions to the perpetuation of ECV and California history.

Leo G. Cline
1902 – 1977

Leo Cline, surveyor and engineer for the Division of Highways in San Diego, Joined Platrix Chapter in 1960. In 1962 he was one of the founders of Squibob chapter where he served in many capacities; as Recorder 1962-1965, as Humbug 1967-1969, as Clampproctor 1967-1973, and as Clampatriarch until his death in 1977.
—– and so recorded!
Phil Bartlett
N. G.H. Chapter 13

Joseph Zumwalt
1800 – 1892

Joseph Zumwalt and family left Illinois for California in January 1849, in addition to eight children, his wife Mary, and his partner C. W. Wright. It is reputed that he also brought the solemn ritual and ceremonies of E Clampus Vitus. After much wandering, it is said that in 1851 he settled in Mokelumne Hills and started Chapter #1001. He was an active and successful miner, rancher and property owner. True to the teachings of Vitus (Protect the Widder) his descendents are many. He and his wife Mary are buried in Sacramento, Old Helvetia Cemetery in Lot #169.

A true Clampatriarch of E. C. V.

Antonio M de la Guerra
1825 – 1881

March 17th, 1853 as a State Senator, at a meeting of the State Legislature in the California Capital of Benicia, de la Guerra proposed the following resolution:
Resolved: That the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus have the privilege of using the Senate Hall, when not otherwise in use, for their regular meetings. Although indefinitely postponed, a truly Clampmagnificent idea!

And so recorded

Adam Lee Moore
1847 – 1947

Adam Lee Moore Clampatriarch of Yerba Buena was the last Noble Grand Humbug of Balaam Lodge No. 107304 of Sierra City. He was initiated a Clamper in Sierra City in 1868, and was the connecting link between the revived Order of E Clampus Vitus and the ECV of the post Gold Rush days. While just a boy Adam shipped out on a whaler and spent the winter of 1862-1863 frozen in at Hudson Bay. In 1867 he arrived in San Francisco and proceeded to Sierra County in search of gold. He remained there for many years before finally moving to San Francisco.
In 1939 Yerba Buena Chapter celebrated his hundredth birthday at a gala affair held on Treasure Island during the Worlds Fair. He lived on until 1947, the actual year of his hundredth birthday. Until the end he enlivened ECV pilgrimages with laughter and song.

Archie D. Stevenot
Sept. 25, 1882 –
Aug. 1, 1968

Archie Stevenot, XSNGH, Miner, Rancher, Postmaster. Born at the Stevenot Homestead near Carson Hill, his grandfather landed in San Francisco Aug. 9, 1849. Archie was founder of the Mother Lode Highway Association, now the Golden Chain Council. In 1961, Stevenot was declared Mr. Mother Lode by the California State Legislature. Not to be outdone the Grand Council of ECV gave him the title, Mr. Clamper of All Clamperdom. Through petition of the Golden Chain Council and members of the Board of Supervisors of the various counties, the California Legislature in 1968 with a unanimous concurrent resolution officially named the spectacular new bridge across the Stanislaus River the Archie Stevenot Bridge. E Clampus Vitus was an integral part of Archies world and his love for this fun-loving history-oriented group was great. Archie was Noble Grand Humbug Amatuca Ch. 1849 in 1952-53. All Clampers who knew him will forever say, SATISFACTORY.

Carl Briggs
1925 – 1985

Carl was a third generation Californian. His father served many years with the Dept. of Interior and National Park Service. His mother came west as one of the Santa Fe Harvey Girls. Carl was a journalism graduate of Menlo College, an editor for Scripps League newspapers. He was a successful writer in California, Washington State and Nevada. He was honored with the National Golden Spur Award by the Western Writers of America for his published book Quarter Deck and Saddle Horn, the story of Edward F. Beale, 1822-1893.
Carl was active in the state Historical Societies of California and Nevada; the Western history Association and a founding member of the Nevada Corral of Westerners, but he was most active in ECV. Receiving the Staff of Relief at Truckee he went on to become Noble Grand Humbug of the Chapter. He was elected Proctor and subsequently Sublime Noble Grand Humbug in 1980. Carl was one of the organizers of T. R. A. S. H. and continued to serve as a board member and as Clampproctor of Grand Council until his death.
Carl Briggs wisdom and guidance will be missed by all members of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus. AND SO RECORDED .

Duff Gordon Chapman
May 6, 1921 –
April 22, 1986

XSNGH Duff Chapman was born in Stockton, California. A proud descendant of pioneer Highland Scots and Delaware Indians, he was well known to the people of the Mother Lode, Californians, Western Historians and Clampers alike. Duff served as Chamber of Commerce President and Grand Jury Foreman. He was a stockbroker and investment advisor, a Marine Raider Commando in W. W. II, a Stanford educated Geologist, expert guide, tracker and outdoorsman, historian, writer, researcher, and storyteller par excellence. A onetime N. G. H. of James Marshall Chapter, Duff went on to serve as the incorporators of T. R. A. S. H., Sublime Noble Grand Humbug in 1982-83 and was completing his second term as a Clamproctor at the time of his death. Duff Chapmans moccasins will stand empty forever more.

Wesley A. Simard
1913 – July 19, 1975

Wes was a leader of not only Clampers, but also of Civic, Fraternal and Benevolent Groups. He was Humbug of James W. Marshall Chapter No. 49, first Clampatriarch of Tuleburg Ch. 69, Clamproctor 1969-70, Parade Master Sublime, using a Plumbers helper as a baton he led the Marching Miners at many events. Simard was one of the Founders of The Clamper, one of a committee appointed to write :Then & Now The history of ECV. He printed both.
He was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on March 30, 1936 in San Joaquin lodge No. 19 F&AM, belonged to the Stockton Consistory of the Scottish Rite and a member of the Ben Ali Shrine.
Wes belonged to, and served a term as Sheriff of, The Stockton Corral of Westerners.
Wes Simard will be leading the welcoming parade when we get to the Golden Hills.